When You Have To Go On A Luxury Train Travel Getaway

By Lorrie Castanedo

When you want to experience a luxury train travel trip you need to head over to South Africa. There you will find what the Vos family has done for people who want to experience this. Through their company Rovos rail you can now take a trip on a classic locomotive that has been refurbished, and made new. Not just one but many choices await you on this trip too.

Working on this project it began in 1987 when Rohan would make the first purchase and have it refurbished. Each of the new additions that are added through the years contains a family name.

That first engine is also the oldest of the fleet, Tiffany was a wonderful engine that was built during 1893. Built for the Cape Government and used for a line that would go from Johannesburg to Cape Town for years. The inside is done elegantly and will have you riding in comfort. While the outside has been made to look like the original, except for the addition of a boiler that is more efficient.

More additions would be added with the purchase of three 19D locomotives. All of which have aptly been named for family members. The three names are Shaun, Bianca, and Brenda. It's quite a story because two of them were actually purchased from scrap metal yards before being refurbished.

Still another five engines were added through the years too, these would be the giants of steam engines. The 25NC model is a giant of a model and one that Rovos has five total of to take trips on. They would have a new engine that would be placed into them they would help with the distance that they could run. The old engine would run one kilometer, with the upgrade it will now make it 400 kilometers.

Each of them do have a family name too, the first is Marjorie. The most difficult of all the locomotives so far to rebuild. Originally built in Scotland during 1953, a lot of parts were damaged or missing. She has since been rebuilt into a oil-burning classic. Her first year of service would be in 1999.

After that the Anthea would be added into the fleet. Another locomotive that was build in 1953, this time a company in Germany was the builder. It took little time to place this engine back into working order. Her first voyage was done in May 2007, when she would be taken on a steam safari that would go to Victoria Falls.

The third of these 25NC engines would be aptly named King Zog. He is the dog of Rohan, thus still a family member! It would have the first voyage after being redone in 2008.

Yet another two 25NC locomotives are in the process of getting redone currently. One was thought to be damaged quite a bit and possibly not be able to be refurbished. However, after better looking it was found that it would be something that could be fixed. Names have yet to be decided on these two locomotives. - 30326

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What Must Be Understood In Order To Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals

By Jonker Venshir

Without any doubt health and fitness is the key aspect of any one's life. It is the dream of every person to know how to get in shape fast and live their life in a healthiest manner. Although it is never a tough task to do, all it needs is your full concentration and regularity. But as we all are so much involved in our daily routine, so it's really hard to take out time and achieve fitness.

However, one must do something for the sake of health. So here I am setting you some goals to achieve. They all are very realistic and worth trying.

1. Cerebral pleasures: A wholesome brain will lead towards a healthy body. Contentment is a sort of feeling that signifies bodily health. Endeavor to evade stress, keep yourself contented and be optimistic.

Engage yourself in internal and external bustles. Wholesome bustles are beneficial to make both your body and mind feel easy and comfy. People with bodily unfit conditions are often noticed to have relentless stress.

2) Eat proper food - In order to reach your health and fitness goals, you must always strive to take balanced diet. This will not affect your busy daily routine. One can easily manage it by eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Following are some of the significant diet factors that result in a wholesome body. a. Ingest grains, various fruits, a lot of vegetables, and tanks of water. b. Try to evade oily stuff like fats, junk food and salt. c. Give priority to home-made food items.

3) Daily Exercise: One of the major problems of youth is absence of activeness. People should try to add activities in there. Exercise not only means going to gym and work out, you can do regular walking and reduce heart disease, joint disorders, blood pressure, stress and tension. Exercising make the brain active which means that brain is ready to perform well.

4. Healthy Slumber: It is well-said that 'Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise'. Everybody knows the significance of sleep. Deficiency in sleep can bring about laziness, inattentiveness and irksome.

It is recommended that the people should sleep an average of 6-8 hours daily. But this duration may vary from individual to individual. Persons taking average sleep are found to be more energetic and active as compared to those having lack of sleep.

5. Wholesome way of living: Permanence of elongated life is said to be dependent upon the choice and adoption of the way of living by various people. By superior and wholesome way of living, we mean; ingestion of nutritious foodstuff, exercise, cerebral health and less tension.

6) Routine Check-ups: It is recommended that routine checkups must be conducted so that diseases can be diagnosed in time and cured.

7) Smoking is never a healthy option - Smoking causes different types of cancer. You must quit smoking, not only for the sake of your health but for your life also.

Last but not least in order to live a long life one has to remain healthy and fit. - 30326

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Electrical Devices Responsible For Bringing Your Model To Life

By Daryl Clayton Kennedy

Model railroad replicas need electricity and a handful of special tools and components to operate. Without these special tools and devices your model train layout will simply sit and stair back at you as if to say, what the heck are you waiting for turn me on.

Lets outline the tools needed for this electrifying task. Firstly you'll need a good screwdriver for locking in connections. Secondly, long nose pliers are handy as they work perfectly for wrapping wire around tiny connectors.

Thirdly, you'll without question want to have a good pair of wire cutter handy as they make shaving wire insulation the light duty it's intended to be. Next a smoldering soldering iron capable of no less than handling 25-30 watts is recommended. In addition their are soldering tools with handles in the shape of pistol grips are used in cases where thicker gauge wire is used, i.e. 10AWG to 14AWG

Their are Solderless Connectors for Those Who Wish to Use Them Within Their Layouts

Yes! There is an option other than breaking out your soldering tools. Such accessories as forked connectors may also be incorporated to make solid connections.This is the most commonly used attachment in the model train industry to complete electrical circuits. Unfortunately some connections will insist on soldering, although they are usually saved for larger wire.

For easy installation you may want to consider Tap-in or Suitcase connectors. They are special as they require no wire stripping, simply push the exposed wire in the Tap-in connector and wash your hands of the dirty work. You as a modeler may know these connectors as (IDCs), better identified as Insulated Displacement Connectors.

Your Model Train Layout Would Be Lost Without Electrical Switches and Power Supplies

Just as with most things in a capitalistic society there are quality switches and poorly constructed switches. One works well for a lengthy period of time and the other.... well let's just say buy the best switch within your budget. There is no need to replace swithces once a month when you can purchase the better of the bunch and have it last, possibly the life time of your layout. Radio Shack has a good selection and you can trust their return policy although I doubt you'll need it.

Lastly, your power supply is as you know the heart of you layout and should be treated with care. Here is a useful tip you're sure to incorporate into your plans. try to use only one power pack to operate your locomotives and a second independent pack for your layouts add ons.

To close, I'd like to say this. Use Multi Port Power Strips to help stop overloads! It may keep your layout safe from an ugly ending by protecting it and all it's components. - 30326

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Upgrading Your Model Trains Direct Current Power Pack

By Daryl Clayton Kennedy

When purchasing model train sets you have a wide variety of options, some more worthy than others. In todays' competitive market the bottom line is cost! Unfortunately some of the model train manufacturers aim at the masses by producing locomotives and layouts that look good and run, but that's about all they can muster.

Before you set out to make modifications to your layout, especially ready to run sets, you must take in consideration the amount of additional amps being used by your new and improved operation. the ready to run sets usually come with DC controls and a DC Power Pack the DC pack that comes with the train set will only crank out enough juice to run the railway as is.

How YOU Can Solve the Problem of Under Powered Layouts

There is one name that comes to mind out of many when searching for top DC Power Packs. Model Rectifier Corporation leads the pack in DC Control and electronic model train navigation. Reliable, easy to use and affordable. MRC is you best choice when looking to add additional DC power to you layout.

Model Rectifier Corp isn't the sole provider of DC model train controls. Other Manufactures such as Atlas, Bachmann and Aristo-Craft can provide you with quality DC Power Packs as well. These popular name brands are also reliable power supplies that can be integrated into your upgraded layout.

Where ever you may be, the United States or abroad the purpose of your DC power pack is universal... to tone down the high voltage coming from the DC outlet to your locomotive. Most U.S. outlets crank out 110 volts, the DC power pack will reduce those amps to around 18 which will keep your layout from frying like a fresh batch of southern fried catfish!

Changing the AC current to a DC current is the job of you most important DC Power Pack Component, the transformer. As stated the transformer is responsible for switching the AC voltage into a lower more manageable number. This lower voltage amount will keep you from lighting a fire under your layout due to a 110 volt outlet not being tame enough for the job.

If your looking for advice, I'd go for a higher grade set from Kato, Atlas, Bachmann, Walthers or Micro trains. These manufactures don't make toys, they produce high quality locomotives that are worthy of our hobby. By going this route you're sure to be satisfied with the quality of your pack and its capabilities. - 30326

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DC Model Trains Work Better on Clean Tracks

By Daryl Clayton Kennedy

Poorly operating locomotives are simple to identify. When faced with these problem machines, it's always best if you're familiar with the basic operations of these models. This knowledge will assist you when repairing model trains that fall ill on your watch.

The first course of understanding is that electricity is your juice or the origin of your power. That being said, if you hook up your pack, twist the knob and give the steam whistle a toot, but the engine just sits there, your first recourse is to check all electrical connections starting with the one in your wall.

After checking your wall connection and proving it's innocence, follow the power cord leading form the power supply to the wall. Look for breaks in the wire, burn marks or any inconsistencies that you think would cause problems and prevent the layout from operating properly.

If you are still at a loss for answers, then follow the charges next logical course. The charge travels along a wire leading from the power pack to a bus resting on one rail. This is the most logical location to search for layout halting problems.

Your DC current enters the circuit at this junction. Entering through the wheels and traveling through the locomotive to it's motor, the current can be traced as it dumps off life giving forces to the electric components. The power pack which was at the beginning of this electrical journey is also at its closing as the current completes it's circuit by traveling back through the opposite rail and re-entering the power pack.

Word to the wise. If your wheels are unclean they could lead to complications during operations. Electrical impulses can be muffled or disrupted by dirt on tracks. In severe cases you may not receive any reception at all.

This is why it's always a good Idea to clean your wheels and the track before and after long runs.

By following these simple steps you'll most likely find your problem. if you continue to have issues with power you may want to test you power pack with a multi meter and also check your engines electrical motor for dirt or foreign objects binding gears into submission. - 30326

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Coming Out of Doors With LGB Model Trains

By Dee Ross

Everyone loves to head to the local mall during the holiday season to see the different train displays that are out. If you take the time to look, you will see that they are more than likely LGB model trains as they are one of the leaders in G scale model trains. There may be other companies that make this size, but few if any of them do it as good as LGB.

This is model railroading on a grand scale. With the large size of the cars and track, more room is necessary for a layout than any other scale in model railroading. These trains are very popular for outdoor Christmas displays in the front yard. The fact that they are so large and durable makes them perfect for this setting.

This is what makes an outdoor display the perfect arena for LGB model trains. You can have a garden display with them or perhaps have them rolling around your entire house during the Christmas season. You will know you got it right when your neighbors are walking into each other because they are stopping to look every time they cruise past your house.

Space is a premium when you are using this model of train, but you would be surprised at what you can make work when you are putting up a G scale train set. If you don't have the floor space, you can get creative with the perimeter of the room and set them up to run around the ceiling. There are quite a few theme restaurants that have this style of set up and it transfers nicely to a basement hobby room as well.

Thinking that you will have to settle for a limited selection is far from the truth. Because this is what they specialize in, LGB model trains offers one of the largest selections of G scale trains that you are going to find. While other companies dabble in them, this is LGB's bread and butter and they offer a huge collection of all kinds of trains for you to pick from.

LGB model trains also offer a full line of controllers and switches for running your train. From manual to automatic, this insures a smooth ride all the way around. Operating on a standard household current, there is no need for any special power requirements.

When you want something unique that nobody else has and really want to make an impression with your model train set, LGB model trains should be your first and only consideration. Their displays have been stopping traffic in malls for decades and there is no reason that you cannot have the same thing at your home. Check them out and if you can find the space, this is absolutely the set for you. - 30326

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Model Steam Trains: The Backbone of the Model Train Hobby

By Dee Ross

If you want to start out in the model train hobby and would like to use a train set that is about as old as the original trains themselves, model steam trains would be right up your alley. These trains seemingly have been around almost as long as the originals and are built with such painstaking detail, you can lose yourself in the train world that you build with them.

Model steam trains have been around forever and have always been a favorite of train hobbyist's. Because of the realistic look and feel, people fall in love with them from the moment they send their train around the track for the first time. If you didn't know any better, you would think that they put the old trains into some kind of shrinking device as they are that realistic.

When you are involved in model trains, you have no choice but to be a history buff. It is only natural for you to get caught up in different time periods where monumental things happened both with and because of the train. While you cannot truly go back in time, your model stream trains will allow you to set the scene to recreate it as close as possible to the actual event.

If you really find yourself getting captivated by the hobby, you should look into some of the clubs and shows that happen in your area. When you want to see creativity, this is the place to be. There are set-ups that are beyond your wildest dreams and pieces of equipment that you thought you would only get to see it the magazines.

When you progress in your involvement, you are really going to want to make the time to get to a show at least once a year and possibly even join a club. They are not only a lot of fun to check out from a fan's perspective, but they are also a great place to meet people and to get extra gear for your set ups as well. The contacts you make can even be used to set up trades so you can always keep your display looking fresh.

A step up from the small scale steam trains are the ones that you can ride. These model steam trains are actually large enough to sit on and go for a spin, provided you do not leave the track. Children of all ages will love this particular version of steam train model.

Model trains allow us to go back to our childhood days and create incredible memories for our own children. It is a fun and relatively inexpensive hobby that everyone in the family can enjoy. As you look at the different types of trains, keep model steam trains on your short list because they are a true representation of what this hobby is all about. - 30326

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